Dylan Howard


Dylan Howard

Growing up, I was raised by a family in sales. My parents owned a car business in Southern California and my father would always teach me the art of sales, people, and business. As I grew up, I learned from leading professionals in various different industries. Having a problem with employee communication and productivity? Let's fix that. Is your marketing plan not working? Let's identify the problem. Is your company not getting the PR it needs? Don't worry, I've gotten media for multiple individuals, brands, and companies on major publication.

Essentially it comes down to this, my goal is to first, make your life easier and take difficulties off plate. Next, I want your business to see success. You success is my success and I want us to succeed. And lastly, I want to help your business create an impact on those you are helping, meaning, that we are changing peoples through your service or product!


Who am I when I'm not working? I'm a husband, father, and a foodie. I love exploring new areas and trying new things (except at the drive-thru). I'm a wrestler, enjoy offroading, and working out. However, I also love to give back to my community and created a nonprofit (501(c)3 approved) called Unity Community Initiative.