EvolPro Client Successes

Obtained Media

Below are just a few industries and individuals EvolPro has helped improve their online presence and establish as authorities in their field of expertise.

Health and Wellness

Client: Dr. Ken Berry
Media: Reader's Digest, Health, BestLife and more!

Client: Eesha Patel
Media: Authority Magazine, Disrupt Magazine, FOX and more!

Client: Kyndra Holley
Media:Insider, Go Dairy Free Seattle Wave Radio and more!


Client: Megan Preston Meyer
Media:USA Wire, Star Tribune, Supply Chain Digital and more!

Client: Penny Decree
Media:Authority Magazine Shameless Mom Podcast and more!


Client: Bret Contreras
Media: Outside Magazine, Livestrong, Organic Authority and more!

Client: Ella Magers
Media: Well+Good, Seven Seas Media, Sustain Health and more!


Client: 21stCentEd
Media: The Tammi Mac Late Show, eSchool News, Black News Scoop and more!

Graphic Design

To see my designs visit my design page!

Social Media Managed

These are just a few accounts managed. All of them included content creation, and advertising.

Madison Memorial Hospital
CAMO (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts)
Victory Belt


Field of Emeralds food video for blog
Crave Anime video for blog