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Dylan Howard is the host of the Not Too Cool 4 School podcast which he created as a way to highlight individuals journey's as to how they got where they are in life in order to help others who may be on that same pather. He is the Founder of the business development company EvolPro, and the President of Unity Community Initiative, a nonprofit focused on improving communities.

NTC4S Episode 14: Interview with author Jordan Randall

In this episode of NTC4S, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jordan Randall, author of Pinkface: A high school senior pretends to transition into a woman. In this interview, we discuss how polarizing and satirical his book is in today's political climate, what it was like to discuss it with the LGBT community, and many other hot-topic issues!

NTC4S Episode 13: Interview with Marc Juliano of the band Goalkeeperc

In this episode of Not Too Cool 4 School, I talk about a time I wish I would have listened to my gut about something I wanted to do with my life, rather than listen to what my parents wanted for me. I share the details of what it was like listening to them, the results of doing so, and how it left an itch I have yet to scratch to this day. I also share how this translates to how I am as a parent and what I learned from the experience. I also share the best albums of that summer that came out and how they helped me through the experience.

NTC4S Episode 12: The time I wish I listened to my gut rather than my parents

In this episode of NTC4S, I had the amazing opportunity to interview Marc Juliano of the band, Goalkeeper. We discuss the band's inception, their process for writing music, their upcoming tour, their personal interests, and much more! You can listen to Goalkeeper on all major platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify, as well as check out their videos on YouTube. For tour dates, be sure to check their website.

NTC4S Episode 11: Doris Dike's Journey

In this episode of Not Too Cool 4 School, I sit down with Doris Dike - Founder of Dike Law Group. We discuss Doris' mission to change the healthcare system as a whole, as well as how she is helping entrepreneurs break into the healthcare industry. We also talk about how her parents are immigrants and they had their own plans for what they wanted her to do, but Doris contested them and stuck to her guns about what she wanted to do with her life rather than what they wanted. We also discuss the importance of family and being a parent while also being an entrepreneur. All this and more!

NTC4S Episode 10: Dustin Magaziner's Journey

In this episode of Not Too Cool 4 School, I had the privilege of interviewing Dustin Magaziner, Founder and CEO of PayBright. In this episode, we discuss Dustin's background and how he started PayBright during college and how it grew, the qualities of being a good leader and how to build and manage a great team, and his interests like having a fantasy football league. We go into detail about all of these topics and more so don't miss out!

NTC4S Episode 9: Eesha Patel's Journey

Eesha Patel is a world-renown entrepreneur, the Founder of Origin Activation, author, and Energy Healer. In this week's episode, we talk about Eesha's background and how she was born in India but grew up in Australia, how her long-term relationship that ended was the catalyst to her entrepreneurial journey, and then we go deep. We talk about the 5th dimension and spirituality, how Eesha has seen aliens, talking to spirit guides and even gods and the list goes on. When Eesha isn't practicing spirituality and talking to aliens and spirit guides, we discuss how planting and gardening are her go-to hobby!

NTC4S Episode 8: Georg Meyer's Journey

In this episode of NTC4S, I interview Georg Meyer. Georg has a background in software development and decision sciences. He is currently the Chief Information Officer for the Bossard Group in Switzerland and will shortly be taking a sabbatical to figure out what comes next for him. Meanwhile, he has lots of mountains to hike and video games to play. In this episode, Georg and I discuss his various journey's and how he has worked all over the world, how we handle decisions, and the importance of moving on from something when it no longer makes us happy or fulfilled. We also talk about some of our favorite video games like Cyberpunk 2077, and how video games actually taught Georg how to speak English. This is a fun and inspiring episode for those looking to travel, looking for what's next in life, or are looking for some amazing video games to play!

NTC4S Episode 7: Foteini Vavitsa's Journey

This amazing episode features an individual from the country of Greece, Foteini Vavitsa! In today’s episode, we cover a lot of fun as well as deep topics - from cultural differences and Foteini’s journey of pursuing her passion over what her parents hoped for, entrepreneurship and starting her business in copywriting and business organization and communication, Greek gods (because I love Poseidon), the best sitcoms everyone should try, and how Foetini being an introvert is working on improving herself by taking lessons on how to be a comedian. We talk about all this and more in today’s episode, and yes, I did bring up My Big Fat Greek Wedding - you won't want to miss this episode!

NTC4S Episode 6: Megan Preston Meyer's Journey

This week on the Not Too Cool 4 School podcast, I had the privilege of interviewing one of the best upcoming children's authors and business communication experts, Megan Preston Meyer. Megan is the Author of The Supply Jane and Fifo Adventures book series which focuses on teaching kids critical thinking skills, system processes, creativity, and allowing parents to have an interactive adventure with their kids while preparing the future generation for careers in supply chain and manufacturing. She also coaches businesses with their professional communication, helping them find their tone, remove unnecessary jargon, and improve authenticity which helps improve client relationships, conversions, and creates long-term benefits. We also discuss the importance of finding joy in all the little things that make us happy and that we don't need to have huge or creative hobbies to be happy. This episode is not only fun but really insightful about being an author, communication, and more that you won't want to miss!

NTC4S Episode 5: Victoria Alvarez's Journey

This week on the Not Too Cool 4 School podcast, I had the opportunity to interview one of the kindest and strongest individuals I know Victoria Alvarez! Victoria is the Founder of Iraltra Virtual Assistance and is currently finishing her studies in social work to pursue being a therapist or lawyer. In this episode, Victoria and I discuss her upbringing and her parent's path to citizenship (a huge accomplishment!), her desire to start a family and battle with PCOS, how the little things like gardening create a clear head, testing the waters of anime, and her unwavering faith that no matter what difficulty you are facing everything will be okay. Not only is this episode encouraging and uplifting, but Victoria is fun and hilarious the entire time and I had an amazing time talking to her. This is one you won't want to miss!

NTC4S Episode 4: Mark Daniel's Journey

In this week's episode, I sit down with one of the best graphic designers, animators, and visual communication specialists I know, Mark Daniel! We talk about our time in the entertainment industry together and getting to work with bands and individuals like The National Parks, Matt Kearney, David Archuletta, and Alex Boye, working through criticism, managing a work-life balance, especially with a family, and the importance following your gut and how Encanto was the reassurance Mark needed to follow his.

NTC4S Episode 3: Adam Jacobs Journey

On this week's episode of the Not Too Cool 4 School podcast, I Interview Adam Jacobs. Adam is a marketing and branding expert based in rural Idaho and has worked with some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley as well as some of the smallest of newspapers. Currently, he is the Public Affairs Communication Manager at Brigham Young University-Idaho. In this week's episode, we talk about the importance of family, how your plans don't always turn out the way you hoped and how to adjust, education, and more. We also discuss Adam's love for legos, how they aren't just a creative expression and form of decompression for him, but how they bring his family closer!

NTC4S Episode 2: Eve Anderson's Journey

Welcome to the first NTC4S interview where I sit down with one of my good friends and favorite Australians, Eve Anderson. Eve is the owner of Eden Communications, has over 10 years of experience in her field, and is always looking to learn more. She has worked with, and for, some incredible Australian and global brands across B2B, B2C, fashion, beauty, health, fitness, tech, and trades. In this episode, we talk about what it was like to grow up in Australia, the importance of communication and the variety of skills it offers for businesses, Eve’s catalyst to pursuing entrepreneurship, our love for Demon Slayer and One Piece, and one of the best video games of all time (at least for us) It Takes Two.

NTC4S Episode 1: Dylan Howard's Journey

Welcome to the first official episode of the Not Too Cool 4 School Podcast. In this episode, I discuss how I came up with the idea for NTC4S, my background, how I got where I am at today, anime, and more!

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Not Too Cool 4 School was created to bring fun, exciting, and unique conversations with individuals of different backgrounds, careers, or talents. We discuss how they got where they are, as well as any tips they may have for someone wanting to get started on that same path! We also discuss everything that makes all of us just a little nerdy. Whether it is anime, video games, comics, or anything else. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy the Not Too Cool 4 School Podcast!


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